Type of Folding

½ + ½ for pieces min. 300 x 350 mm / max. 380 x 600 mm.
1/3 + ½ for pieces min. 450 x 350 mm / max. 570 x 950 mm.
1/3 + 1/3 for pieces min. 450 x 500 mm / max. 570 x 950 mm.


Folding and stacking system by paddles on a vacuum table with fixed 570x1100mm folding deck (STANDARD 190) or 600x1100mm folding deck (STANDARD 200).

Linen type

100% cotton or 50% + 50% polycotton. Weight: 150 to 250 gr./m2.

Standard features

Colour touch-screen control interface.
Automatic folding program selection according to piece length.
1,000 mm feeding belt.
Automatic stacker fitted with paddle.
Stack collector belt with travel-end beeping signal.
Stacks formed according to a preset count.
Piece counter for each program and residual piece counter.
Autodiagnostics with alarm display.
Auto-reset upon each program change.
Vacuum folding table.
Adjustable static linear cylinders.
Fold marking tabs.


Version with customised folding platform for non-standard pieces.
High-performance blowing kit with turbo suction unit (for synthetic items).
Castors and rails.
System for program change from beginning of line.

Request Information

Multifolder mod. PT01 for napkins, pillowcases, guest towels, synthetic items

Small flatwork folder ideal for French-folding (1/3 + 1/3) or mixed folding (1/3 + 1/2) of small items such as: napkins, pillowcases, hand towels.
Folds are made by paddles combined with rotating cylinders on a vacuum table.

The machine is fitted with an automatic program handling five linen sizes.

Suitable both for being installed in line with other machines and for manual feeding.

Version STANDARD 190: with fixed 190x190mm folding platform, suitable for 570mm wide pieces.

Version STANDARD 200: with fixed 200x200mm folding platform, suitable for 600mm wide pieces.

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