Type of Folding

1 lane with 2 (option: 3) primary folds and 1-2-3 cross folds.
4 lanes with 2 primary folds.


Primary folds: air stream into reverse rotating rollers.
1st cross fold: a 1000 mm blade draws lines between reverse rotating rollers.
2nd & 3rd cross fold: combined air stream and roller system.

Standard features

4.7″ colour touch-screen control interface
20 folding programs, fully customisable and expandable up to 50.
1m crossfold blade.
Option of discharge to left or right side.
Synchronised working speed: 8 to 50 m/min.
Cycle time ≈ 3 sec.
Double pressure on primary folds.
Over-the-top bypass of unfolded linen.
Jamless system for avoiding jamups in crossfolding section.
Piece counter for each folding lane.
Item re-alligning facility on crossfolding table.
Automatic photocell cleaning system.
Audio-visual alarm for machine jammed.
Ready for torn/stained linen rejection system.
Rear table.


Drop-type lateral stacker mod. AC1 fitted with one 1.5 m collector belt.
Double drop-type lateral stacker mod. AC2 fitted with two 1.5m collector belts.
Lateral stacker mod. AP1, fitted with 1 paddle and a single 1.5m collector belt.
Third primary fold.
½ + ½ through-the-machine bypass.
Aluminium and polycarbonate guard panels between ironer and folder.
Pushbutton panel for linen rejection control (to be mounted on feeder or ironer).
Antistatic system.
Additional control panel (for control from beginning of line).
Collector for small pieces, unfolded or having received one length fold, mod. RAC (up to 5 modules).

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Folder for large, medium and small flatwork mod. PL 1.4

Machine suitable for folding large, medium and small items such as bedsheets, bedspreads, bed pads, table cloths, stain covers, runners, pillow cases, napkins.
Extremely versatile, suitable for general-purpose lines, folding method with air blows and blades. It can be installed downstream of multi-roller ironers with standard folding speed up to 50 m/min. Easy to use, this folder ensures a high folding quality. Easy to use, this folder ensures a high folding quality.

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