Type of Feeding

1 lane in manual mode or in automatic clamp mode (option) for medium and large pieces.
2-3-4 lanes in manual mode for small pieces.


Vacuum table with automatic retractable blades. Lower vacuum hold of pieces fed in. Bypass of small pieces.

Standard features

Colour touch-screen control interface.
20 folding programs, fully customisable and expandable up to 50.
LED illumination over inserting area
Synchronised working speed.
Audio-visual alarm for machine jammed.
Ready for torn/stained linen rejection system.
Air exhaust filtering.
Ready for network connection with Algitech folder.
Suction Chamber.


Mobile head combined with automatic clamps.
Direct feeding to ironer (swan neck).
Rear spreading brushes.
Pushbutton panel for linen rejection through folder (compatible folders only).
Aluminium and polycarbonate guard panels between ironer and feeder.
Castors on rails.

Request Information

Feeder for large, medium and small flatwork mod. FD-01 Fusion

Semi-automatic vacuum-table feeder for large and medium flat pieces (for ex. bed sheets, bed spreads, tablecloths, runners).
Multi-lane with manual feeding for small pieces (for ex. pillow cases, napkins).
Thanks to its modular configuration, it is possible to add a mobile loading station complete with clamps at a later moment for automatic feeding in one lane, with the advantage of spacing your investment and reducing workmanship and production costs, recovering the investmen soon.

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