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Closet for distribution of clean items MOD. MULTILEVEL.

Distributor of textile items using the UHF RFID TAG identification technology • The automation allows to provide an H24/7 distribution service without using dedicated personnel. Thanks to the remote control system it is possible to know the quantities present in real time cutting the costs related to reintegration logistics • MULTILEVEL is widely adjustable and customisable as regards number of doors and modules so as to perfectly suit to Client’s requirements • The data structure allows to easily integrate the machine into the Client’s information system • The interactive display guides the user and handler during withdrawal and loading • The double door system makes it easier for the handler to load items cutting the costs linked to this operation • The handler can modify the contents of each compartment in complete autonomy so as to adjust to the needs arising during use • The management data supplied by MULTILEVEL allow to know the quality of the distribution service and how often the system is used by users.

Closet for collection of dirty items MOD. SMART BOX

Collector of textile items extremely easy to use that can be utilised stand-alone or combined with Matrix MULTILEVEL automatic distribution systems • SMART BOX uses the UHF RFID TAG identification technology. It counts the items fed through the tilting door and supplies information regarding number and type of items to the data management system • SMART BOX is available in two standard sizes: SMALL and LARGE for containing the laundry bag or a roll container. Its dimensions can be tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Also available in a variety of paint colours.


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